crystal nicole jones

Cream by CrystalHello World!

I’m Crystal Nicole Jones aka confectionist, cream by crystal and now a Cupcake Wars winner.

I’ve always loved to bake. I actually auditioned for the job when I was a child. The job was for “Big Mama’s Little Helper”. I tried to assist her in everything from cobbler to cake! Spatula…check…teaspoon…check…measuring cup…check. However, there was always one specialty that I couldn’t wait to bake-cheesecake!

After Big Mama passed, I was given the task of making dessert for a Thanksgiving dinner pot luck. Instead of the typical sweet potato or pumpkin pie, I decided to make Big Mama’s special dessert, cheesecake…with a modern day twist. It was a “light bulb” moment! I thought I would try-mini cheesecakes infused with fruit infused to create a creamy, fresh extraordinary flavor in every bite.

Big Mama would have been proud. That evening my mini cheesecakes got rave reviews from my family and friends. That was the moment I realized I had to share my love for our family recipe with the world. cream by crystal was officially born!

The creation of cream by crystal is a tribute to Big Mama’s memory. By baking my mini cheesecake cupcakes, I honor her legacy as she will always remain the original Dessert Queen in my heart.


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